Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.19 No.5 (1968)

Table of Contents

Distribution Pattern of Recent Sediments on the Coast of Eastern Kunisaki Peninsula, Oita Prefecture, with the Special Reference to the Distribution of Beach Iron Sands Kiyoto MUKAI, Koji ONODERA and Shuji MARUYAMA (285-310) 19-05_01.pdf(2,786KB)
Occurrence of the So-called Gabbro at Kuki Cape in the Southern Part of Okushiri Island, Hokkaido Mitsuo HATA and Shoichi YAMAGUCHI (311-314) 19-05_02.pdf(2,917KB)
[ Summary ] (315-316) 19-05_03.pdf(309KB)
[ Notes ]
Kaolin Deposits of Japan
Noriyuki FUJII, Takeo OKANO and Yoshihiko SHIMAZAKI (317-323) 19-05_04.pdf(653KB)
[ Notes ] (325-353) 19-05_05.pdf(3,482KB)
[ Notes ] (355-362) 19-05_06.pdf(863KB)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar (1968年2月16日) (363-364) 19-05_07.pdf(264KB)