Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.19 No.2 (1968)

Table of Contents

Chemical Properties of Futomiyama Group in the Eastern Part of Toyama Prefecture, Central Japan Naotoshi YAMADA and Tomohiko ABE (69-79) 19-02_01.pdf(1,584KB)
Study on the Fireclay Deposits in Tajimi and Toki Districts, Gifu Prefecture –Geological Occurrences and Some Mineralogical Properties of Obora Kibushi-clay and Shimmei Kaolin– Noriyuki FUJII and Teiko OMORI (81-102) 19-02_02.pdf(6,771KB)
On the Chemical Composition of Bottom Sediments in Lake Biwa, Central Japan (Studies on the Chemical Composition of Sedimentary Rocks – 1st Report) Ei OMORI (103-114) 19-02_03.pdf(1,232KB)
Late Diluvium Volcanic Ashes and Terraces in the Shari Region, East Hokkaido Hiroyuki SATOH (115-126) 19-02_04.pdf(5,606KB)
[ Notes ]
Iron Ore Deposit in Saudi Arabia
Ken HIRAYAMA (127-136) 19-02_05.pdf(2,575KB)
[ Notes ] (137-148) 19-02_06.pdf(1,524KB)