Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.16 No.4 (1965)

Table of Contents

Transport Directions of the Sediments of the Matsushima Group and the Basal Part of the Nishisonogi Group, Sakito-Matsushima Coal Field, Nagasaki Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan, Estimated from the Diagonal Bedding and Maximum Pebble Size Haruo NAGAHAMA (181-192) 16-04_01.pdf(7,494KB)
Natural Gas Resources in the Ryukyu Islands Koji MOTOJIMA and Tokio MAKINO (193-216) 16-04_02.pdf(3,461KB)
Petrology and Chemistry of Quaternary Volcanic Rocks in the Western Part of Chugoku Provinces, Southwest Japan Hajime KURASAWA (217-226) 16-04_03.pdf(1,502KB)
[ Summary ]
Note on the Fossil Flora Found from the Boring Core in Shiobara-machi, Tochigi Prefecture
Toru ONOE (227-232) 16-04_04.pdf(4,104KB)
[ Notes ] (233-237) 16-04_05.pdf(1,826KB)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar (1965.2.) (238-241) 16-04_06.pdf(972KB)