Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.16 No.1 (1965)

Table of Contents

Areal Investigation for Ground Water Resources on the Lower Streams of Toyohira River Basin and Hassamu River Basin, Hokkaido Tsugio OZAKI, Kazuo KISHI, Takeshi KOMA and Setsuya YOKOTA (1-24) 16-01_01.pdf(4,680KB)
On the Confined Water in the Tsugaru Plain, Aomori Prefecture – Report on the Undeveloped Industrial Water Resources – Tsugio OZAKI and Toshio KANNO (25-35) 16-01_02.pdf(2,181KB)
On the Investigation of Industrial Water in Gyoda and Hanyu Districts, Saitama Prefecture Shigeru TAKAHASHI (36-44) 16-01_03.pdf(1,219KB)
[ Notes ] (45-78) 16-01_04.pdf(5,225KB)