Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.15 No.9 (1964)

Table of Contents

On the Dolomite Deposits Accompanied with the Tsukumi Limestone, Oita Prefecture Hideo INOUE (517-546) 15-09_01.pdf(7,717KB)
On the Result of D. C. Geoelectric Measurement in the Sedimentary Basin Covered with the Volcanic Detritus Junji SUYAMA, Yoshihiko ONO and Kenzo BABA (547-559) 15-09_02.pdf(3,139KB)
Bottom Sediments of Chugamizu Bay, Kagoshima Prefecture Tomosaburo SAITO (561-574) 15-09_03.pdf(2,812KB)
[ Summary ] (575-581) 15-09_04.pdf(1,447KB)
[ Notes ] (582-594) 15-09_05.pdf(5,132KB)