Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.13 No.10 (1962)

Table of Contents

General Investigation on the Water Resources for Manufacturing Industry in Miyazaki Prefecture Yoshito KINO and Takashi HIRUKAWA (823-843) 13-10_01.pdf(9,788KB)
Areal Investigation on the Ground-water Resources for Fabric Industry on the Shonai Plain, Yamagata Prefecture Kazuo MORI and Hayaji GOTO (845-859) 13-10_02.pdf(2,397KB)
Natural Gas in the Vicinity of Matsue and Izumo Cities, Shimane Prefecture Koji MOTOJIMA (861-898) 13-10_03.pdf(5,857KB)
Rapid Determination of Phosphorus in Limestone and Dolomite Tadashi FUJINUKI (899-906) 13-10_04.pdf(1,383KB)
[ Summary ] (907-907) 13-10_05.pdf(205KB)
[ Summary ] (907-909) 13-10_06.pdf(752KB)
[ Summary ] (910-912) 13-10_07.pdf(671KB)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar (1962.9) (913-916) 13-10_08.pdf(844KB)