Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.13 No.8 (1962)

Table of Contents

Seismic Prospecting at Matsukawa Geothermal Area, Iwate Prefecture Masami HAYAKAWA and Kiyoshi MORI (643-648) 13-08_01.pdf(1,306KB)
Tokyo Submarine Canyon Explored by the Sonic Prospecting Junsuke CHUJO (649-664) 13-08_02.pdf(11,723KB)
On the Hydrological Properties of Aquifers and its Determining Methods Toshio MURASHITA (665-674) 13-08_03.pdf(1,954KB)
Some Geological and Geophysical Informations Obtained from Seismic Shot Holes Seikichi KAMATA (675-682) 13-08_04.pdf(1,143KB)
On the Manganese Ore Deposits in the Kaso, Hikoma and Hishimura Districts, Tochigi Prefecture
– Report of the manganese silicate deposits in Japan (5) –
Fumitoshi HIROWATARI and Hideo TAKEDA (683-708) 13-08_05.pdf(5,523KB)
[ Summary ]
Potassium-Argon Ages of Granitic Rocks from the Kitakami Highlands
Ken SHIBATA and John A. MILLER (709-711) 13-08_06.pdf(419KB)
[ Summary ]
Potassium- Argon Ages of Granitic Rocks from the Outer Zone of Kyushu, Japan
John A. MILLER, Ken SHIBATA and Yosuke KAWACHI (712-714) 13-08_07.pdf(362KB)
[ Summary ] (715-716) 13-08_08.pdf(399KB)
[ Notes ] (717-726) 13-08_09.pdf(2,152KB)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar (1962.6.13) (727-731) 13-08_10.pdf(1,367KB)