Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.13 No.6 (1962)

Table of Contents

Report on the Land Devastation and Sediment Accumulation above the Projected Fudo Weir at the Source Region of the River Takase, Nagano Prefecture Kazue WATANABE (467-480) 13-06_01.pdf(5,878KB)
Report on the Sediment Accumulation above Tonoyama Weir and Engineering Geological Investigations of Hirase Dam Site with its Accessory Institutions Kazue WATANABE (481-492) 13-06_02.pdf(4,386KB)
Land Devastation and Sediment Accumulation in the Area of Crystalline Schists along the River Iya, Tokushima Prefecture Kazue WATANABE (493-510) 13-06_03.pdf(3,793KB)
Geology and Mineral Deposits of Koki Mine and its Environs, Ikutawara-machi, Central Kitami, Hokkaido Keiichi YAMADA (511-524) 13-06_04.pdf(14,817KB)
[ Summary ] (525-530) 13-06_05.pdf(1,189KB)
[ Summary ] (531-540) 13-06_06.pdf(1,659KB)
[ Notes ] (541-548) 13-06_07.pdf(4,074KB)
[ Notes ] (548-556) 13-06_08.pdf(2,590KB)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar (1962.4.18) (557-557) 13-06_09.pdf(194KB)