Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.12 No.7 (1961)

Table of Contents

Thermal Waters and Hydrothermal Activities in Arima Hotspring Area, Hyogo Prefecture Hisayoshi NAKAMURA and Kenjiro MAEDA (489-497) 12-07_01.pdf(639KB)
The Third Drilling for Geothermal Investigations in the Onikobe Basin, Miyagi Prefecture Hisayoshi NAKAMURA, Chikataka YANAGIHARA and Shin' ichiro TAKAGI (499-502) 12-07_02.pdf(577KB)
On the Ground Water Resources for Fabric Industry in the Southern Kanagawa Prefecture Shigeru TAKAHASHI and Takeshi ANDO (503-520) 12-07_03.pdf(1,535KB)
Report on the Shallow Ground Water in Sanjo City and its Vicinities Taijiro KONISHI, Yasuji NOMA and Kazuo KISHI (521-525) 12-07_04.pdf(508KB)
On the Shallower Deposits at Kameda-go and Toyano-gata in Niigata Prefecture Toshio MURASHITA, Yoshito KINO, Yasuji NOMA, Yoshiyuki TAKEI and Tokihiro KAGAMI (527-530) 12-07_05.pdf(346KB)
Hydrogeological Investigations of the Surface Water and the Ground Water on the Side of the Kizu River, Kyoto Prefecture Tsugio OZAKI and Kazuo KISHI (531-540) 12-07_06.pdf(924KB)
On the Calibration of North American Gravimeter AGI-108 and AGI-157 Yoshiro SUDA (541-545) 12-07_07.pdf(345KB)
[ Summary ] (547-548) 12-07_08.pdf(136KB)
[ Summary ] (549-550) 12-07_09.pdf(132KB)
[ Summary ] (551-554) 12-07_10.pdf(344KB)
[ Notes ] (555-563) 12-07_11.pdf(917KB)