Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.12 No.2 (1961)

Table of Contents

Geothermal Investigations of Matsukawa Hotspring Area, Iwate Prefecture Hisayoshi NAKAMURA and Kiyoshi SUMI (73-84) 12-02_01.pdf(1,311KB)
On the Interpretation of Seismic Reflection Method (2) Making of Seismic Cross-section Shozaburo NAGUMO and Takeshi KAWASHIMA (85-94) 12-02_02.pdf(889KB)
Reflection Signal from a Layered Refractor Tetsuichi KANEKO (95-100) 12-02_03.pdf(462KB)
An Experiment on the Reduction of Wave Noises by Using Multiple Geophone Setting and Pattern Shooting Tetsuichi KANEKO and Kiyoshi HIRASAWA (101-134) 12-02_04.pdf(7,340KB)
[ Summary ]
Areal Investigation for Industrial Water Supply on the Lower Parts of the Sho River Basin, Toyama Prefecture
Tsugio OZAKI, Kiyoto MUKAI and Yoshio KAYAMA (135-141) 12-02_05.pdf(744KB)
[ Summary ] (142-142) 12-02_06.pdf(106KB)
[ Notes ] (143-164) 12-02_07.pdf(1,626KB)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar (1961.1.10) (165-166) 12-02_08.pdf(209KB)