Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.11 No.9 (1960)

Table of Contents

Cretaceous Deposits in the Tomiuchi District, Southern Central Hokkaido Keisaku TANAKA (543-554) 11-09_01.pdf(1,287KB)
Thermodynamical Study on the Formation of Some Iron Minerals under the Hydrothermal Environment Hideo OTSU (555-575) 11-09_02.pdf(2,040KB)
Report of the Paleobotanical Study on the Main Coal Seams in the Toki and Kani Districts of the Mino Lignite Field, Gifu Prefecture and in the Miike and Amakusa Coal Fields, Kyushu Shigemoto TOKUNAGA and Toru ONOE (577-584) 11-09_03.pdf(754KB)
[ Summary ]
On the Copper Deposits on Niga Mine, Okayama Prefecture
Kiyoshi TAKASHIMA (585-588) 11-09_04.pdf(391KB)
[ Summary ]
Report on the Manganese Deposits of the Izuhara Mine, and the Copper Deposits of the Saburo Mine, Tokushima Prefecture
Tsutomu YOKOI and Kanjiro WAKITA (589-594) 11-09_05.pdf(681KB)
[ Summary ] (595-602) 11-09_06.pdf(1,098KB)
[ Summary ] (603-603) 11-09_07.pdf(106KB)
[ Notes ] (604-610) 11-09_08.pdf(603KB)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar (1960.8.10) (611-611) 11-09_09.pdf(73KB)