Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.11 No.7 (1960)

Table of Contents

Preliminary Report on the Artificial Ground Water Recharge Nobuo KURATA, Kazuo KISHI and Takeo KOBAYASHI (407-416) 11-07_01.pdf(1,938KB)
Ground Water Resources for Fabric Industry in Ibaragi Prefecture Taijiro KONISHI, Takeshi ANDO, Yoshito KINO and Shigeru NAGAI (417-442) 11-07_02.pdf(3,380KB)
On the Manganese Silicate Deposits of Furumiya Mine in Ehime Prefecture – Report of the manganese silicate deposits in Japan (2) – Tomio HATTORI and Hisamitsu HARADA (443-450) 11-07_03.pdf(2,224KB)
[ Summary ]
On the Wollastonite of the Kagata Mine, Ibaragi Prefecture
Hiroshi TAKAHASHI and Mitsuyoshi UENO (451-453) 11-07_04.pdf(256KB)
[ Summary ]
Occurrence of Wollastonites in Koyamaichi and Atetsu Districts, Okayama Prefecture
Hiroshi TAKAHASHI (454-458) 11-07_05.pdf(694KB)
[ Summary ]
Wollastonite Deposits in Sekikawa-mura, Niigata Prefecture
Haruhiko HORIUCHI (459-462) 11-07_06.pdf(355KB)
[ Notes ] (467-484) 11-07_08.pdf(1,317KB)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar (1960.6.10) (485-487) 11-07_09.pdf(286KB)