Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.11 No.6 (1960)

Table of Contents

A Portable Gamma Ray Logger and the Estimation of Grade and Ore Reserves in Radioactive Deposit with Reference to the Logging at Ouchi District, Miyagi Prefecture Shun-ichi SANO (337-356) 11-06_01.pdf(1,712KB)
Geophysical Prospecting Surveys for the Uranium Resources at Matsuiwa Mine, Miyagi Prefecture Kihei SHIBATO and Yoshitaka ODANI (357-368) 11-06_02.pdf(832KB)
Distribution of Radioactivity of Granitic Rocks in the Takanawa Peninsula, Ehime Prefecture by Car-borne Radiometric Survey Shun-ichi SANO (369-384) 11-06_03.pdf(1,678KB)
[ Summary ]
Radiometric Survey at the Western Part of the Ube District, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Nobuyuki KIYOSHIMA and Fumio SHIMODAIRA (385-389) 11-06_04.pdf(525KB)
[ Summary ] (390-390) 11-06_05.pdf(56KB)
[ Notes ] (391-403) 11-06_06.pdf(1,126KB)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar (1960.5.10) (404-406) 11-06_07.pdf(308KB)