Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.9 No.10 (1958)

Table of Contents

TitleAuthor PDF
On the Wollastonite Deposits in Horado District, Gifu Prefecture Mitsuyoshi UENO (665-674) 09-10_01.pdf(1,402KB)
Wollastonite Ores in the Pyrometasomatic Copper-Tungsten Deposits at the Yamato Mine, Yamaguchi Prefecture Yoshihiro SEKINE (675-688) 09-10_02.pdf(1,532KB)
On the Wollastonite Deposits of Koge Island, Ehime Prefecture Hideo INOUE and Keiji DOI (689-697) 09-10_03.pdf(1,465KB)
On the Wollastonite Deposits of Saidosho District, Fukuoka Prefecture Hiroshi TAKAHASHI (699-708) 09-10_04.pdf(1,119KB)
Wollastonite Occurred in Ryuho District, Kumamoto Prefecture Haruhiko HORIUCHI (709-710) 09-10_05.pdf(251KB)
Preliminary Study on the Coal Field Gas in the Middle Part of the Joban Coal Field Yasufumi ISHIWADA, Shigeru SATO and Tokio MAKINO (711-730) 09-10_06.pdf(2,050KB)
[ Notes ] (731-742) 09-10_07.pdf>(1,286KB)