Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.9 No.8 (1958)

Table of Contents

TitleAuthor PDF
Electrical Prospecting for the Ground Water in the Western Part of Saitama Prefecture Ichiro HOMMA and Yoshihiko ONO (523-530) 09-08_01.pdf(856KB)
Ground Water Resources for Fabric Industry in the Southern Part of Tokyo Nobuo KURATA, Takeshi ANDO and Kazuo MORI (531-544) 09-08_02.pdf(1,101KB)
On the Manganiferous Iron Deposits of the Abukuma Metamorphic Region – with special reference to the ore – Hisamitsu HARADA (545-554) 09-08_03.pdf(1,951KB)
Conglomeratic Rocks of Mylonitic Origin, Accompanied by the Acid Dykes of Okueyama, Miyazaki Prefecture Tamotsu NOZAWA (555-558) 09-08_04.pdf(290KB)
[ Summary ] (559-570) 09-08_05.pdf(1,432KB)
[ Summary ] (571-572) 09-08_06.pdf(135KB)
[ Summary ] (573-573) 09-08_07.pdf(53KB)
[ Notes ] (574-584) 09-08_08.pdf(1,143KB)
[ Notes ] (585-588) 09-08_09.pdf(267KB)