Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.9 No.6 (1958)

Table of Contents

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On the Application of Resistivity Method for Horizontally Stratified Layer Problems
(Some Notes on Geo-electrical Measurements at Tanashi and Tako)
Yoshihiko ONO, Masayoshi MUROZUMI and Ichiro HOMMA (391-400) 09-06_01.pdf(974KB)
Geological Notes of the Proposed Dam Site of Shin' nariwa, Okayama Prefecture Nobuhiko OBARA (401-406) 09-06_02.pdf(630KB)
Ground Water Researches for Fabric Industry in the Eastern Part of Tokyo on the Right Side of the Edo River Nobuo KURATA, Kazuo MORI and Kiyoji IKEDA (407-430) 09-06_03.pdf(3,063KB)
Thermal Saline Waters in Japan Hisayoshi NAKAMURA and Kenjiro MAEDA (431-440) 09-06_04.pdf(1,158KB)
On the Properties of the Takasaki Coal in the Takasaki Lignite Field, Gumma Prefecture Minoru SASAKI (441-448) 09-06_05.pdf(1,919KB)
[ Summary ] (449-454) 09-06_06.pdf(589KB)
[ Summary ] (455-460) 09-06_07.pdf(523KB)
[ Notes ] (461-463) 09-06_08.pdf(223KB)
[ Notes ] (464-469) 09-06_09.pdf(513KB)