Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.9 No.5 (1958)

Table of Contents

Preliminary Operation for the Consecutive and Mathematical Analyses of Stratigraphic Succession Kazuyoshi IDA (301-314) 09-05_01.pdf(977KB)
Hydro-geological Investigation on Deep Wells for Industry in Southern Part of Nagoya Co-operative Group of Hydrogeology for Industrial Water Supply (315-334) 09-05_02.pdf(1,905KB)
On Several Pyrophyllite Deposits in Shokozan District, Hiroshima Prefecture Mitsuyoshi UENO (335-346) 09-05_03.pdf(1,543KB)
Geology and Ore Deposits in the Northwestern Shimane Peninsula, Japan Koji KOSEKI and Keiji DOI (347-356) 09-05_04.pdf(1,244KB)
On the Hot Springs in the Southern and Central Parts of the Kii Peninsula Hisayoshi NAKAMURA, Kenjiro MAEDA and Takashi SUZUKI (357-370) 09-05_05.pdf(1,440KB)
[ Summary ] (371-380) 09-05_06.pdf(976KB)
[ Summary ] (381-382) 09-05_07.pdf(207KB)
[ Notes ] (383-389) 09-05_08.pdf(645KB)