Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.9 No.4 (1958)

Table of Contents

On the Water Resources for Industry in Osaka City Co-operative Group of Hydrogeology for Industrial Water Supply (211-234) 09-04_01.pdf(2,080KB)
Contribution to the Crack Water Hydrology in the Fields of Ashio Mine and Hitachi Mine Kazue WATANABE (235-246) 09-04_02.pdf(1,303KB)
On the Clay at Otoge Mine, Yamagata Prefecture Mitsuo TANEMURA and Haruhiko HORIUCHI (247-261) 09-04_03.pdf(7,963KB)
Report on Some Pyrophyllite Deposits and Kaolin Deposits of Hyogo Prefecture Mitsuyoshi UENO, Yuji TSUKAWAKI, Hiroshi TAKAHASHI and Shuichi IWAO (263-284) 09-04_04.pdf(3,789KB)
Model UW-2R Marine Gravimeter, Manufactured by North American Geophysical Co., and Submarine Gravity Survey in the Northern Part of Ariake-kai, Kyushu District, with this Gravimeter Masami HAYAKAWA, Takeo MATSUDA, Tomonori SUGIYAMA and Yoshiro SUDA (285-296) 09-04_05.pdf(1,145KB)
[ Notes ] (297-300) 09-04_06.pdf(391KB)