Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.9 No.3 (1958)

Table of Contents

Geology of the Western Part of Wakasa District, Fukui Prefecture – With Phrticular Reference to the Structure and Stratigraphy of Permian – Hiroshi ISOMI and Kazuo KURODA (133-143) 09-03_01.pdf(1,408KB)
Report on the Hydrogeological Investigations of the River Discharge or Recharge in the Maximum Drought Season at the Western Part of the Kwanto Lowland, Saitama Prefecture Kazue WATANABE (145-156) 09-03_02.pdf(1,273KB)
Preliminary Report on Engineering Geology of Takane Dam Site, Projected on the River Masuda, The Remote Tributary of the River Kiso Nobuhiko OBARA (157-168) 09-03_03.pdf(1,690KB)
Geologic Surveys of Natural Gas and Oil near Abashiri City, East Hokkaido Tadao SHIMADA and Kiyotsura YAZAKI (169-178) 09-03_04.pdf(1,556KB)
Report on the Electrical Investigation for Silica-stone Deposit of Ugusu Mine, Shizuoka Prefecture Junji SUYAMA, Hajime KOBAYASHI and Shin' ichiro TAKAGI (179-194) 09-03_05.pdf(1,329KB)
[ Summary ] (195-200) 09-03_06.pdf(515KB)
[ Summary ] (201-203) 09-03_07.pdf(251KB)
[ Summary ] (204-204) 09-03_08.pdf(53KB)
[ Notes ] (205-210) 09-03_09.pdf(648KB)