Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.8 No.10 (1957)

Table of Contents

Ground Water Researches for Fabric Industry in the Eastern and Northern Parts of Tokyo Cooperative Group of Hydrogeology for Industrial Water Supply (551-576) 08-10_01.pdf(3,071KB)
[ Summary ]
The Lower Triassic Discovered in the Takachiho District, Miyazaki Prefecture
Nobukazu KAMBE and Masatsugu SAITO (577-578) 08-10_02.pdf(202KB)
[ Summary ]
On the Matsukawa Geothermal District in Iwate Prefecture
Takeshi ANDO and Kazue WATANABE (579-582) 08-10_03.pdf(406KB)
[ Summary ]
On the Calibration of the North American Gravimeter AGI-157
Takeo MATSUDA, Tomonori SUGIYAMA and Yoshiro SUDA (583-584) 08-10_04.pdf(144KB)
[ Summary ]
Geology of the Dam Site on the River Sendai, Kagoshima Prefecture
Nobuo INAI (585-591) 08-10_05.pdf(724KB)
[ Miscellanies ] (592-592) 08-10_06.pdf(70KB)
[ Notes ] (593-617) 08-10_07.pdf(2,836KB)