Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.7 No.6 (1956)

Table of Contents

Areal Investigation for Fabric Industrial Water Supply in Gakunan District, Shizuoka Prefecture Nobuo KURATA, Kazuo MORI and Tsugio Ozaki (237-260) 07-06_01.pdf(2,542KB)
A Preliminary Note on the Megafaunal Zones of the Paleogene in Northwestern Kyushu, Japan
(for correlation of the Paleogene formations in Japan)
Atsuyuki MIZUNO (261-270) 07-06_02.pdf(2,371KB)
Report on the Uranium Deposits in the Naegi District, Gifu Prefecture (Part 1. Rokugahotta Area) Tadao HAMACHI and Haruhiko HORIUCHI (271-278) 07-06_03.pdf(1,086KB)
[ Summary ]
On the Mercury Deposits in the Yuki Mine, Tokushima Prefecture
Shoichiro HAYASHI (279-284) 07-06_04.pdf(551KB)
[ Miscellanies ] (285-285) 07-06_05.pdf(48KB)
[ Extract ] (286-290) 07-06_06.pdf(453KB)
Correction of Text 07-06_07.pdf(50KB)