Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.6 No.1 (1955)

Table of Contents

Preliminary Report on the Relation between 0(111) Face of Pyrite Crystal and its Minor Contents of Arsenic Ichiro SUNAGAWA and Kiyoshi TAKAHASHI (1-10) 06-01_01.pdf(976KB)
Outline of Geology in Northern Part of Nippon Alps Ken HIRAYAMA, Konosuke SAWAMURA, Masaro MURAYAMA and Kazuo MORI (11-18) 06-01_02.pdf(1,011KB)
The Carboniferous and Permian Formations and Fusulinids Fossils found in the Area of Upper Reaches of the River Hino, Fukui Prefecture Hiroshi ISOMI (19-22) 06-01_03.pdf(493KB)
Properties of Sphalerite in Some Hydrothermal Veins Satoru UMEMOTO (23-30) 06-01_04.pdf(912KB)
Report on the Akazu Clay and Silica-sand Deposits, near City Seto, Aichi Prefecture Masaharu YAMADA (31-38) 06-01_05.pdf(1,602KB)
Geophysical Prospecting at Yonago Mine, Kamitakai-gun, Nagano Prefecture Mitsusuke SUGIYAMA and Shin'ichiro TAKAGI (39-44) 06-01_06.pdf(666KB)
Gravity Survey at “Hichiku-Plain”, Northern Kyushu Takeo MATSUDA (45-50) 06-01_07.pdf(640KB)
[ Summary ]
Notes on the Results of Gravimetric Survey in Hichiku-Plain, Northern Kyushu – On the probability of discovery and of new coal fields, near the City of Kumamoto and some idea on geologic structures of Northern Kyushu –
Hideho SAWATA (51-56) 06-01_08.pdf(756KB)
[ Summary ]
On the Dolomite Deposits at the Ishigure Mine, Mie Prefecture
Koji KOSEKI (57-60) 06-01_09.pdf(453KB)
[ Summary ]
On the Ores in Kawayama Mine, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Hanzo GOHARA (61-64) 06-01_10.pdf(399KB)
[ Summary ]
On the Contact Metasomatic Deposits at the Jimmu Mine, Hiroshima Prefecture
Keiji DOI (65-68) 06-01_11.pdf(494KB)
[ Summary ]
On the Foraminifera from the Karatsu and the Sasebo Coal Fields in Kyushu
Haruo NAGAHAMA and Taisuke SUZUKI (69-72) 06-01_12.pdf(342KB)