Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.5 No.11 (1954)

Table of Contents

Geology of Dam Site on the River Naka, Tokushima Prefecture Shinko KONDO (569-574) 05-11_01.pdf(727KB)
Geology of Dam Site along the River Kuma, Kumamoto Prefecture Shinko KONDO and Takamura MURAKAMI (575-578) 05-11_02.pdf(469KB)
Geology of the Hydroelectric Power Plants Area at Umenokizuru and Nukibaru along the River Midori and the River Oya, Kumamoto Prefecture Kiyoto KIYOHARA (579-582) 05-11_03.pdf(467KB)
On Structural Formula of Muscovite and its Resembling Minerals Hideo OTSU (583-592) 05-11_04.pdf(940KB)
On the Limestone Deposits of the Naga-gun and Katsuura-gun, Tokushima Prefecture Masaharu YAMADA and Hideo INOUE (593-606) 05-11_05.pdf(1,771KB)
On the Omi Limestone Deposit, Niigata Prefecture Koji KOSEKI and Hideo INOUE (607-614) 05-11_06.pdf(911KB)
[ Summary ]
Ore Deposits in Tsugigata “Roseki” Mine, Fukushima Prefecture
Toshio ANSAI (615-620) 05-11_07.pdf(625KB)
[ Summary ]
Silica Stone at Fuji Mine, Fukui Prefecture
Masaharu YAMADA (621-624) 05-11_08.pdf(443KB)
[ Miscellanies ] (625-626) 05-11_09.pdf(240KB)
Correction of Text 05-11_10.pdf(46KB)