Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.4 No.4 (1953)

Table of Contents

Pale Green Sericite Deposits in Iiishi District, Shimane Prefecture, with Special Reference to the Wall Rock Alteration Shuichi IWAO (223-238) 04-04_01.pdf(1,629KB)
On the Unconformity between the Ishikari Group and the Hakobuchi Sandstone Formation, and the Fireclay Bed in the Basal Part of the Ishikari Group in the Shin-utashinai District, Ishikari Coal Field Kanji SUGAI (239-246) 04-04_02.pdf(795KB)
On Sulphur Deposit in Numajiri Mine in Fukushima Prefecture, with Special Reference to the Geology of Underground Tadashi KIMURA, Tadao HAMACHI and Hiroshi TAKASE (247-258) 04-04_03.pdf(857KB)
Electrical Prospecting in the Numajiri Sulphur Mine, Fukushima Prefecture Kihei SHIBATO (259-270) 04-04_04.pdf(949KB)
[ Summary / Prompt report ]
Pyrite Deposit in the Daifu Mine, Niigata Prefecture
Toshio ANSAI (271-274) 04-04_05.pdf(365KB)
[ Summary / Prompt report ]
Electrical Prospecting of the Daifu Mine, Niigata Prefecture
Kuniyuki KATAYOSE (275-280) 04-04_06.pdf(699KB)
[ Summary / Prompt report ]
Tungsten Deposit of Ibara Mine, Okayama Prefecture
Kuman HARAGUCHI and Toshio TAKEICHI (281-284) 04-04_07.pdf(362KB)
[ Summary / Prompt report ]
Ore Deposit of Uchino Mine, Fukuoka Prefecture
Hideo INOUE (285-288) 04-04_08.pdf(319KB)
[ Summary / Prompt report ]
Gypsum Deposit in the Iwazawa Mine, Iwate Prefecture
Nobu KITAMURA and Hyoichi TAKAHASHI (289-293) 04-04_09.pdf(395KB)