Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.2 No.3 (1951)

Table of Contents

On the Variation of Crystal Habit of Pyrite in “Bessho” Gypsum Deposits, Wanibuchi Mine, Shimane Prefecture Ichiro SUNAGAWA (129-138) 02-03_01.pdf(1,264KB)
Brick Silica-stone Deposits in Tanba District, Kyoto and Hyogo Prefectures Shuichi IWAO, Toshio ANSAI and Takeo OKANO (138-157) 02-03_02.pdf(2,378KB)
Report of Lead and Zinc Deposit of Iide Mine in Niigata Prefecture, with Special Reference to the Structural Control of the Ore Deposit Shosuke ITO and Mitsutaka TOMITA (158-160) 02-03_03.pdf(410KB)
On the Cupriferous Pyrite Deposite of Shirataki Mine, Kochi Prefecture (2nd Report....Shirataki Deposits) Zensuke YOSHIDA and Kojiro KOMURA (161-164) 02-03_04.pdf(525KB)
Rapid Titration Method of Ultimate Analisis (carbon) of Coal and its Application Nobuhiko OBARA, Kazue WATANABE and (Miss) Shizuko UENO (165-171) 02-03_05.pdf(865KB)
[ Prompt report ]
Natural Gas in the Vicinity of Yamagata City
Katsu KANEKO and others (172-177) 02-03_06.pdf(759KB)
[ Prompt report ]
Natural Gas in Kakuto Gas Field, Miyazaki Prefecture
Kazuyoshi IDA and Shoichi SHINOYAMA (178-184) 02-03_07.pdf(835KB)
[ Prompt report ]
Report on Calorific Value (dry, mineral matter-free basis) of Coal
Minoru SASAKI (185-189) 02-03_08.pdf(427KB)
[ Miscellanies ] (190-190) 02-03_09.pdf(87KB)