1. The map tells the reason why fossils of a dinosaur was found there
    - “Toba”, 1:50,000 quadrangle geological map -

    [posted on October 6, 2017]

  2. New method to directly assess the corrosion risk of water pipes
    - Soil investigation using high-frequency AC resistivity measurement -

    [posted on September 5, 2017]

  3. Complete revision of the Seamless Geological Map of Japan at 1:200,000
    - highly detailed online geological map with a hierarchical legend system has been released -

    [posted on August 22, 2017]

  4. Moon image from TERRA/ASTER
    -Terra ASTER performed a Moon and deep space observation on August 6th 2017 [JST] for radiometric calibration

    [posted on August 17, 2017]

  5. The outcrop in Chiba Prefecture has been nominated for a Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP)
    - “Chibanian” may be listed on the geological time scale -

    [posted on August 4, 2017]

  6. Hundred million years that have shaped today’s Kagawa Prefecture
    - “Kan-onji”, 1:50,000 quadrangle geological map -

    [posted on August 4, 2017]

  7. Publication of the Gravity Map of Wakayama District (Bouguer Anomalies)
    - 1:200,000 Gravity Map Series, No.32 -

    [posted on August 1, 2017]

  8. Extreme hydrothermal conditions at an active plate-bounding fault
    (Joint research with GNS Science, New Zealand etc.)

    [posted on August 1, 2017]

  9. Novel geodynamic theory to elucidate tectonics of the Japanese islands
    - the east-west contraction of Northeast Japan is caused by the movement of the Philippine Sea Plate -

    [posted on July 31, 2017]

  10. Detection of vehicles buried by a landslide using a drone with an electromagnetic (EM) sensor
    - Drone EM system successfully identified the location -

    [posted on July 21, 2017]


Recent publication

  • Geological Map of Japan 1:50,000. TOBA
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  • Marine Polymetallic Mineral Deposits in the Vicinity of the Japanese Islands, Northwest Pacific ( 2nd ed.)
  • Geological Map of Japan 1:50,000. KAN-ONJI
  • Gravity Map (Bouguer Anomalies) 32 Gravity Map of Wakayama District
  • Soils Assessment Map 7 Geochemical and risk assessment map of subsurface soils of Kochi Prefecture
  • Marine Geology Map No.88 (CD) Geological Map of the Vicinity of Mishima

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