Geoinformation Center

  1. Our missions
  2. Organization
  3. Our objectives

Our missions

   Our missions are to provide reliable and impartial geoinformation for the public in close coordination with the geoscience research divisions, public relations, and Geological Museum in the Geological Survey of Japan (hereafter GSJ), located inside the National Institute for Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (hereafter AIST).

   We place integrating the newest knowledge systematically with the geoscience data that we have gathered over the years, and informing the public with even more reliable data our highest priorities. We are working hard to improve the convenience of using the geoscience data as public property which is to be used more effectively for the measures against earthquakes, volcano-related disasters and environmental issues, and for better utilization of the national land and acquiring of natural resources.

   We will continue to make efforts to be the trusted institution for the Japanese public and the society by providing the geoscientific intelligence infrastructure and resources that they need to solve various problems.

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   These affairs of the Geoinformation Center are prosecuted by the combined efforts of Geoinformation Management Office, and Geoinformation Services Office.

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Our objectives

Objective 1 : Managing the geologic and geoscientific information and performing the data integration in compliance with the international standards
(Geoinformation Management Office)

   The Geoinformation Management Office plans the archives and services of geologic and geoscientific data, and satellite imagery to the public in compliance with the international standards for the geoscience and spatial information. We also perform to develop a kind of E-Infrastructure in order to access and share the various geoscientific databases and large archives of earth observation satellite imagery faster and easier, and demonstrate the synergic and interdisciplinary approaches such as data integration with the stakeholders in AIST research units and other external institutions.

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Objective 2 : Editing, Publishing, Development, and Standardization of Geoscientific Data
(Geoinformation Service Office)

   The Center disseminates the high-quality geologic and geoscientific information to the public versatilely and effectively.
   For this purpose, we publish the geologic and geoscientific maps with the explanatory papers, through drafting, editing, proofreading, and printing of research reports prepared by the research divisions and centers.
   Moreover, we publish the digitized geologic maps and geoscientific data in CD-ROMs.
   Not only we maintain and distribute the GSJ publications, but also afford the on-demand printing maps for out of stock geologic materials.

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Objective 3 : Managing the geologic and geoscientific databases and disseminating acquired information on the Internet
(Geoinformation Archive Office)

   The Geoinformation Administration Office manages the geologic and geoscientific databases, puts out the acquired information on the Internet, digitizes and maintains the digitized data, collects and manages the bibliographic geodata and builds the bibliographic databases, and registers metadata in the government clearinghouse based on the international standards for the geographic information.

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