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The Iwate-Miyagi Inland Earthquake 2008

Special Reports

On-Site Reports from the Field Survey Team of the Active Fault Reaseach Center (AFRC) ,
3rd Report (2008.6.19)
2nd Report (2008.6.17)
1st Report (2008.6.15)
(Survey Spot on Google Eearth)

Earthquake Geo-Information on Google Earth
 ・Epicenter on
Seamless Geological Map (1: 200000)
     →Homepage of Google Earth is here

Research Results & Other Informations

Estimated high-resolution PGV Map of Shock Waves
  (from Dr. Matsuoka's homepage)

PGV:Peak Ground Velocity

Fault Model from Dr.Horikawa(Japanese only)

Gravity Anomaries near Epicenter
  (from Geophysical Map Group)

Geological Map

  Geological Map around Epicenter
  • 1:200000 Geological Map

Geology around landslideareas
(based on 1:100000 Geological Map of Kurikoma Geothermal Area)

The Position of Epicenter on the Geohazard Map of East &siutheast Asiaa


:Active Fault in Japan (RIO-DB)
(RIO-DB is AIST Public Database Sysytem

  GEO-DB(Japanese only)
  Catalogque of Geological Maps
  Geological Literature Serach

Geoinfomation Center, Geological Survey of Japan