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Raster data provided in JPEG format at 200 dpi
Distortions may occur in printing and scanning processes.
Raster data provided in GeoTIFF format at 200 dpi
ZIP file contains:
  • readme.txt: ASCII text description
  • GSJ_MAP_G200_xxxxx_xxxx_Fx_geotiff.tif: GeoTiFF file for the geological map
  • GSJ_MAP_G200_xxxxx_xxxx_Fx.tfw: ASCII text file used to georeference raster map image
  • GSJ_MAP_G200_xxxxx_xxxx_Lx.jpg: Legend that contains the description and symbols of the geologic map units for the coverage area
  • GSJ_MAP_G200_xxxxx_xxxx_Sx.jpg: Image of cross section
  • GSJ_MAP_G200_xxxxx_xxxx.kmz: Kmz file for the geological map
  • meta.txt: Metadata file

Terms and Conditions of Use
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Inquiries about the data:
 Questions about the data, please contact publish (at) gsj.jp.