Digital Geoscience Map Series V-2
Geological database for Miyakejima Volcano
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  • Pub : 2006
This CD-ROM contains raster data of the geological map of Miyakejima Volcano by M. TSUKUI., Y. KAWANABE and K. NIIHORI published in 2005 by the Geological Survey of Japan (GSJ) with an explanation of each geological units by HTML files. Descriptions pursuant to the geological map of Miyakejima Volcano, but additional descriptions about some geological units and 2000 caldera are added. We hope to use this CD-ROM with the geological map of Miyakejima Volcano.

The following are recommended to use this CD-ROM.
OS : Windows 98, Windows NT, Mac OS 9.2, Mac OSX 10.2, or later
CPU : Pentium 500 MHz, Power PC 500MHz, or faster
RAM : 128 MB or higher
Monitor : 1024 X 768 pixels monitor or larger; 32,000 colors or higher.
CD drive : 4x or faster
Software : Web browser ( Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or other) for HTML files. A clickable geologic map, which is a SVG file, can be opened by a computer that runs Windows 98 or later. The following software programs are required: an iView3D ( Interactive Visualization Systems ) to view 3D images of interactive volcanic earthquakes; a program to open QTVR (QuickTime virtual reality) format to view 3D land shade and 3D geologic maps; an Adobe Acrobat Reader v.6 or later to view PDF files. Graphic software with significant memory (Adobe Photoshop or other) is also required for some large-size JPEG files.