Digital Geoscience Map Series P-6
Aeromagnetic Database of Japan
CD-ROM Image
This publication consists of two CR-ROM discs containing magnetic anomaly image data files of the "Aeromagnetic Anomalies Database of Japan" (Disc-1) and original survey data files (grid data and line data) of the "Aeromagnetic Survey Database of Japan" (Disc-2).
The files of Anomaly Database are in the file-types of HTML, JPEG and PNG which are commonly supported by most Web browsers. The data files of the Survey Database are stored in the form of gzip compressed tar archives (file-type of TGZ), from which original files in the form of plain text can be recovered. To read the contents of TGZ files, programs expanding gzip file and extracting files from tar archive are necessary. Usually, appropriate free software for the users PC environment can be obtained through the Internet.

  • Pub : 2005